Patrick is the author of the recently published book “No Fail Hiring -Your Ultimate Guide to Selecting and Recruiting Top Players in a Troubled Economy,” a down-to-earth and practical book for business owners who are looking to hire new employees. He has also authored the following works:


The No-Fail Hiring™ System, a down-to-earth, practical method of hiring successfully and without pain, which also focuses on minimizing your legal liabilities from the recruitment process.




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The free e-book Crisis Buster, a response to Patrick’s observation of many business owners’ reaction to economic crises and very tough & competitive environments. His 23-year experience as a coach/trainer led him to demonstrate more than once that success should NOT depend on economic conditions. His motto has always been: “Whatever the environment throws at you, you can take it as a threat… or as an opportunity!” The research compiled in his e-book is not about theoretical, esoteric ideas but only applicable, down-to-earth principles which you can use right away – and win, no matter what!






The New Era Selling™ System, a revolutionary sales training method which guarantees to double or even triple the effectiveness of your sales force, while making your life as a sales manager much, much easier.

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The Business Poweriser™ Assessment, a practical business performance and potential assessment, which helps you quickly determine what needs to be done in order to develop and/or strengthen your expansion AND profitability – fast and at minimum cost!


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