Patrick Valtin has spent over 23 years helping people from all kinds of social adherence and professional orientations. His own background was maybe the best testing field for his life survival principles and strategies: born and raised on the street, Mr. Valtin had no parents or family to guide him through life. The only available direction was the one he would himself create or decide, out of his own judgment or evaluation for better economic, social and personal success.

Patrick has always been mostly preoccupied by the sometimes dramatic fate of his friends and of the people who surrounded his early life. His genuine concern about people guided his academic and professional decisions. From the start of his career as a sales person at the age of 15 to date, Patrick Valtin has had one motivation: to help others succeed and win against the challenges of life, no matter how overwhelming they could be.



Patrick founded or co-founded the following companies:


New Era Management International (aka M2-TEC USA, INC.) The company is specialized in management tools, including business assessments, hiring testing and personal productivity assessments. It also manages Patrick’s speaking engagements across the world.


NO FAIL HIRING. This is a branch of M2-TEC USA, INC., specialized in training business owners and department managers on the No-Fail Hiring System. – with the purpose of allowing them to surround themselves with dedicated, productive and honest people who share their passion for performance, profits and purpose.


ExecLife Training & Coaching Group, LLC. The company is an international network of professional coaches who are dedicated to assist smal business owners and their employees in their daily management challenges. Every coach in the network is specialized in the Hubbard® Management System, a practical and down-to-earth management philosophy applied by over 200,000 companies across the world.


The JMSJ Group is specialized in providing small businesses with a full marketing management service. Many small companies do not have the appropriate resources to develop effective marketing strategies and campaigns. JMSJ can be considered as an outsourcing company for Marketing Management: we provide the knowledge/expertise of a very experience Marketing manager… for a fraction of the cost.


U-Man Belgium. Patrick founded U-MAN Belgium is 1988, with the purpose of offering small business owners the best management tools available on the market. The company has today more than 5,000 clients and is the biggest provider of management training/courses in the country. Although Patrick left the company management to his partners in 1993, he remains Chairman of the Board.


Clearwater Village, LLC. the company is involved in real estate development in Florida. It has so far created a unique community based on nature, family life and friendly neighborhood. Although the 2007 real estate crisis heavily hit the Florida market, the company is nevertheless  still busy planning  its second phase called “The International Village,” a community designed around friendliness, safety and green & energy-efficient concepts.