Extreme Marketing in Australia

Extreme Marketing in Australia

I just completed my “Extreme Marketing Strategies” at a Business convention in Sydney, Australia. The event was held at the Harbord Diggers Sport club – an amazing place with exclusive views to the ocean and the beaches. Great audience – Australians totally fit in the picture of “extreme:” extreme nature, extreme weather, extreme beaches, extreme sports, extreme character! If you like nature this is probably one of the best places to be. And if you do not like conformism, that is definitely a nice place to be!

A bird view of the Harbord Diggers!







Group photo in front of the beautiful ocean!

Delivering to our friends from Japan who took the trip to be with us!!!








Working hard on the practicals – this is not theory!!!








My friend, Nick Terrenzi – Executive Director of the Hubbard College of Administration International, doing his great presentation on Strategic Alliances.


  1. Hi Patrick
    The weekend was great! Lots of tips to take our marketing to the next level which is exactly what was needed. I watched my boss get revitalised (and come out of the Hate part of the cycle which he was heading into!) – Thank you!
    Lots of work to do with the Marketing Strategy and firming up the alliances, but it give a real direction and tools to use.
    Thanks again!
    Best Regards,

  2. Yes, an absolutely extreme conference, and the most extreme part of it was our speaker – the extremely extraordinary Patrick Valtin.

    Thanks Patrick

  3. Thank you Patrick. This was SUPER exchange in abundance! This was the best 2 days investment of time, in terms of gaining invaluable data, of some very fundamental basics of operating a business. I really did learn a LOT on how to market my business for real!!!!

    I was captivated the whole time. Since I returned from the Summit I have been enthusiastically in action on real targets.
    I have also set in motion an alliance with a children’s rights group.
    Thankyou for helping me create my life!

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  5. Hi Patrick, thanks so much for yet another fantastically inspiring weekend. I owe you a huge success from last years Summit. I attended the Sales Summit in Sydney not really thinking that I would take away alot, as i am not a ‘Salesperson’. I had been trying to sell a parcel of land for well over two years. I had put it with several different Real Estate Agents and they had not gained a lot of interest nor given me much feedback.My husband & I needed to sell this and my attention was on this everyday. I decided to promote it myself privately and did so just before coming to Sydney. Although at this point I still did not think your seminar would pertain to me and my work. During the first hour of your seminar before the tea break, I had gotten my money’s worth. I felt so empowered and uplifted with the content of your seminar. Then – magic. I missed a call while in the seminar and called it back during the lunch break. It was someone interested in my land.I had just learned from you the 5 points to handling a clients considerations. Funnily enough I did points 1,2,3 & 5. when it came to 4 I forgot what i was supposed to do and so I was quiet for a second then i went onto 5. When i read my notes later, 4 was ” say nothing” !! From that call I made an appointment to meet the interested party at my home the following week. We did this and Martin and I sat at our dining room table and used everything we learned from you in Sydney to close the Sale with a signed Contract, get the price we had originally wanted, adding value and getting a short settlement period and paying no Agents commission. It was miraculous. How did you do that ?
    Since then my husband and I have realised that we are actually great Salespeople in everything we do. We understood from you, that selling ourselves first is so important and this we have worked on with self improvement. It’s a joy to listen to you speak and to take away the knowledge and apply it. So from a small business owner and busy Mum, I have since that time become a Real Estate Agents Representative and am in the process of getting my full Real Estate Licence. My husband is in the process of crossing over from our Plumbing Business to being a full time Consultant and is now on the Charter Committee and we are changing our lives:) Pretty cool results wouldnt you agree?
    It was lovely having lunch with you on Monday at the Seminar and getting to know you a little more. Martin looks forward to using your information when he is consulting in the future and maybe even a little crazy motor cycle fun. Cheers and thanks again
    Gay Johnson


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