Patrick Valtin has been training business owners and professionals for over 27 years. He travels the world over to share his knowledge and passion with attendees from all kinds of industries: His main areas of training cover the following subjects:





The Right Person, The Right Job!


Find out how to make the right connection the first time. Putting the right person in the right job isn’t easy, and making the wrong hire can cost your business in mistakes, production and even image or reputation. And in today’s distressed economic climate, you need every competitive edge you can get. That’s where No-Fail Hiring comes in. It’s our job to give you all the tools and resources to avoid costly mis-hires, easily connect the right person with the right job and stay profitable through a staff changeover. Pick only the top players for your company!



How to Sell to Tough Buyers… and Turn Them Into Your Most Loyal Customers!


For many professionals, selling is becoming an impossible mission. The first reason is: there are more and more competitors out there who swear they have a better product or service. The second reason is: the customer is getting more confused and more skeptical than ever. The more choice there is, the less easy it is to decide. And the money often seems to lack. There is a third reason: old-fashioned, classical selling does not work anymore. Whatever “great” argument you present, someone can present a “better one”. Your “best” logical proof of superiority does not guarantee that he will buy…from you!



How to Get Your People Naturally Motivated to Work Hard For You!


Effective leadership starts with a good understanding of human behavior. Behind every disappointment or frustration with an employee, a colleague or a business associate, you will always find a lack of understanding of his/her intentions or reactions. What is a true leader? What makes the difference between what you hear or read about, and what you SHOULD be? How does a true leader perform in ANY situation, challenge or crisis?


Time Management:

Create More Time In Your Life, and enjoy doing the things you love.


Knowing that you will always have a maximum of 24 hours in a day, the way you manage your time and your priorities is crucial, if you are looking at dramatically expanding your business – fast. The first and most effective leverage in improving general productivity in the business is YOU!



Business Expansion:

Find out how you can speed up your expansion at minimum cost with maximum leverage!


If you sometimes feel enslaved by your business, spending too much time “making it go right”, this program is for you. Your business should work for you – not the reverse. Sure, working hard is part of the success formula. But if your life is ONLY about work, something is wrong. The success formula is also: having other people happily and successfully doing the work for you…




Find out how to expand your business with results-driven marketing.


Marketing should be a major component of your long-term business strategy, and making sure you follow today’s norms is a must. Forget what you have learned at school: marketing is not what is used to be and you must be ready for it. This very special session is about making your company UNIQUE on the market.



Life Coaching:

Guiding you through your life challenges.. So that you can reach your dreams much faster.


Life coaching is a practice with the aim of helping clients determine and achieve personal goals. Our Life coaches use the appropriate tools to help clients with the process of setting and reaching goals. Coaching is not targeted at psychological illness and our coaches are not therapists.