“I went from knowing nothing about HR to being able to interview and hire candidates who are in fact candidates whom I want working in the company. No more wasted time hiring and training someone who turns out to be ‘nothing but trouble’ or a ‘waste of time and money’ .  It’s fast, it’s easy and it works. With the No Fail Hiring I have the tools and more importantly to me the certainty to hire the people I know will produce the needed and wanted products and help carry out the big picture of the company.”. –  .H.G., Eye Doctor Clinic

“Patrick Valtins No Fail Hiring Seminar is worth hundreds of thousands of dollars! I am not exaggerating. I paid for myself and 10 of my execs to attend and it is the smartest business decision I have made all year long. Honestly, he did not charge enough. He has given us an EXACT procedure to questioning and evaluating in order to really hire a great employee every time. And I feel like I understand how to keep it legally correct and protect my company against suit. Thank you for doing this. I intend to promote this to all my clients.” – J.G., Owner Marketing company (Inc 500).

“This is a workshop that was geared toward immediate application. Very useful! I learned a lot: 1) How to attract good candidates; 2) the exact steps to find out if they are the right persons for the job; 3)I feel certain now how to hire a person; I never felt confident before. I often crossed my fingers and hoped for the best. Now this is over. No more guessing or gut feeling!” – Florence VanLeuven, HHC.

“We interviewed a candidate for the sales position and we could experience how the ‘funnel technique’ took to pieces the mask he was wearing. Without the No-Fail Hiring procedure we would have hired that person. I am glad we didnt. After reading your book, going through your seminar and reading your confidential material, our Human Resources manager revealed that she has been in Human Resources for years, ending up by hating it because of all the emotions, arbitraries, liabilities connected with it. But with this new arsenal under her belt, she is back willing and confident to do a great job for our company.” –  F. Z., owner of a fixture company.


“This evaluation was so spot-on and showed me something so true about myself and the way I operate. It is holding me back, and holding my company back. There has been something gnawing at me for a long time and I couldn’t put my finger on it. And this business test helped me find it. That opened the door to expansion. It is so vital for a business owner to be able to get a totally neutral, exterior picture on the business. I had pre-conceived ideas about how to run and develop my company. This assessment has provided me the exact photography of where we stand and how we can reach our business goals.” – J.G., owner of an Inc. 500 marketing services company.

“This Business Poweriser Assessment has helped me refine the basic purposes of my business and has allowed me to re-position my activity so that we now can attract so many more customers. I was not aware of how blind I was  living and breathing all day-long for my company. The external look that this assessment provided was an amazing help. Right after the evaluation of the test, I presented my new positioning to an important potential customer who decided my business was exactly what he had been looking for. This evaluation is allowing us to 10X our competitive advantage on the market.” – D.B., owner of a branding strategy company

“I thought I knew what was going on in our company. I was absolutely shocked by the precision and the straightforwardness of this assessment. I was insisting on resolving some tough issues and was getting more and more upset as I couldnt find the right solutions. Well, that is because I was not looking at the right source of the problems. This business assessment was a kick in the butt in the sense that it forced me to look where I did not want to. But it also allowed me to find the right solutions to our challenges AND to actually feel good about it!” – R.VL., General Manager of a consulting firm.


“I wanted to report to you an amazing success I had using the ‘breakthrough’ tech you mentioned. I used the 3 questions I formulated, did a super quick hatting with staff on the change, drilled for 10 minutes and off they went! Before using that piece of tech we would get 30-50 leads at best in 7+ hours of constant contact with raw public. Last week, each of my marketers got 50+ leads in only 4 hours and were able to hit a highest ever in new patient appointments being scheduled! Before, I had to have 2 people full-time outside and 2 people full-time inside and we would get maximum 25 new patients on the books pre-loaded for the next week. This week, I had only 2, not 4, people working full time and we have 53 new patient appointments on the books! That was awesome advice and perception on your part. Sometimes it gets so crazy you cannot see the forest for the trees but we really won with this piece of tech and the staff are super uptone because of it!” –  J.H., Chiropractor.

“I am writing you to share with you my success since you consulted us on our business recently, and gave us your report of findings from the business analysis that you did. What I realized is that I had a vision for our company and that it wasnt being communicated to our clients so in turn our clients werent seeing the value of our services and products. Now with our vision clearly stated and being made known to our clients I see a difference in the way our business is heading.I feel that you have re-kindled my purpose and helped me discover that what I do is valuable and that Im helping to make people healthier and helping them learn how to prosper and flourish more effectively. I am helping our clients transform their existing practice to one that adds ‘Wellness’. Thank you so much!” –  D.R., owner of a marketing company.

” My company’s income went into screaming affluence for 4 weeks in a row, after two coaching sessions with Patrick. it was the best investment ever. No theory, no impractical advice, just tips that were to the point and an amazing duplication of my unique challenges.” K.G., owner of a financial consulting firm.


“For our top clients we have a series of Masters Club Seminars. Speakers come and give them advance management technology to apply in their practice. From the moment we hired Patrick, as the speaker, our resigns and signups increased by over 50% over previous seminars. The attendees are blown out and they are still telling me how the data they have implemented has increased their practices. They all recognize that Patricks seminars are very different, full of practical and down-to-earth applications. We want to thank you for the amazing work you do for us. The Masters Clubs seminars that you customize are State of the Art and it is clear to us that your dedication to excellence is second to none.” – G. P.  Vice-President of  a training firm.

“Patrick’s leadership seminar brought up several key points that were missing both in my department & in the company in general. A basic purpose for our company, once established & known by everyone will help incredibly. Also, the idea of creating games with our competition will do wonders for morale in the company. It was really worthwhile & most enjoyable.” – R. L., executive of a marketing company.

“I had so many realizations today while going through the different tools for managing my people that I hardly know where to start, but probably the biggest one was that successful management does not really have to be a complex thing. Just by applying a few basic steps and focusing more on insuring that my people actually know and agree with what they are supposed to be doing would make a world of difference in how effective my division is in assisting the group as a whole in its fight against the enemy.  Patrick is unique in making people understand vital principles of management. – C. J., executive of a production company.

“This ‘Crisis Buster’ weekend was utterly life-changing and SO needed.  The information covered is vital to everybody who wants to prosper in this or any economy.  It came at the perfect time as I am just restarting my business separately from my previous partner and I was starting to work on my marketing campaign.  I now have practically everything that needs to be in the campaign.  The differences is that the steps will be the correct ones for the current economic situation, not the out-dated one from previous situations! Thank you, thank you, thank you!” – T. R., owner of a music recording studio.

“This ‘Crisis Buster’ event was mind-blowing.  I expected a LOT but Patrick truly over-delivered!  His advice is invaluable and has completely changed my viewpoint on marketing and selling.  I have never been a sales person and never had the confidence to be one, but after this seminar: this has changed.  I think I can now sell!! I look forward to implementing his advice as fast as I can.” – T.Z., chiropractor.

“Your sales can only improve by attending Patrick Valtins ‘New Era Selling’ seminar. It does NOT matter what you sell you will greatly benefit from his presentation and information! The practical drills are fabulous!  They definitely break down ones own barriers to confronting and helping the prospect buy your service or product.  Thank you very much!” – T. F., Legal services.

“If I had come to this before I started marketing my ventures, I would have spent only 60 instead of 60,000. Patrick explained the principles, we drilled the procedures and this has stripped away my false data on the subject of marketing and given me the tools and viewpoint to make it work effectively and efficiently. Now I know how to separate myself from the competition.”  – J.A., owner of a welding company.

“It was the most fantastic marketing seminar. I gained tools that I can immediately use in my real estate business. I never have a scarcity of customers but I think where I can improve is targeting the customers that I really want, defining my business more and pushing to reach my goals with every promo piece, with every e-mail I send out and all the various media. I have not used much policy before in my advertising I kind of just go with my gut feeling. It will be nice to apply some tech in that area.” – N. F, real estate broker.