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How to Avoid Hiring Dishonest Employees Who Could Ruin Your Business

The COVID-19 era has dramatically changed employment motivations and mentalities, especially amongst the younger generation – many of whom have lost their faith in the future and/or their concept of accountability.

According to the FBI, employee theft accounts now for 33% of bankruptcies, and small businesses are a primary target for fraud. So, how do you:

  • Detect applicants’ REAL intentions or motivations?
  • Pick honest, loyal, dedicated people – knowing that 78% of resumes are misleading and 81% of applicants lie during the hiring interview?

INTEGRITY: The Most Important Soft Skill To Detect – No Matter the Position

Read this pocketbook – and discover HOW you can precisely recognize the true team members and the real performers, while detecting the liars, the naysayers and the troublemakers.

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No Fail Hiring 2.0

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The HireBox system includes: Pre-selector, Recru-Tec Test, JobStar and SellingStar

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The Hire-Master Online Training Program

The Hire-Master online training program is the result of Patrick’s 30+ years’ experience working with tens of thousands of business owners, executives, professional recruiters and over 25,000 candidates from across the globe. It is the only practical guide that will revolutionize the way you find, attract and keep top employees to expand your company. The Hire-Master Training program reveals the EXACT steps that any business owner, HR representative, recruiter or executive needs to know in order to surround themselves with top employees.

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No-Fail Hiring

Visit No-Fail Hiring to discover the fastest, most efficient way to find the qualified candidates you need for your open positions. This isn’t just another hiring service. We strive for a relationship between companies that will ensure you’re provided with the best recruitment help.

You’ll save time and money when you skip the bad hires and we help you get it done right, every time and right away!

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Hirebox selected in HRTechOutlooks 'Top 10 Recruitment Software Solution Providers of 2019!

We were very proud to have been recognized by HRTech Outlook and highlighted as the cover story of their February publication! My interview with Senior Editor, Sri Krishna focused on the HireBox testing and performance appraisals platform which we developed to help businesses expand their workforce with the right talent.

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