Boost Employee engagement NOW…and Kick Butt in 2020

How do you optimize your talent capital? Knowing that almost 70% of employees are feeling disengaged and un-committed to their employer, you might wonder if it is a societal problem that you need to live with. Per a Gallup report, disengaged employees cost employers approximately $500 billion in lost work, money, and time every year….
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Hirebox selected in HRTechOutlooks 'Top 10 Recruitment Software Solution Providers of 2019!

We were very proud to have been recognized by HRTech Outlook and highlighted as the cover story of their February publication! My interview with Senior Editor, Sri Krishna focused on the HireBox testing and performance appraisals platform which we developed to help businesses expand their workforce with the right talent.

Hire Patrick Valtin As A Speaker For Your Business

Patrick will help you discover the proven strategies that will contribute to the overall productivity and the ongoing stability you need in your business. Find out how talent acquisition dictates your success, the impact of hiring right on profitability, the 8 golden rules of “Master Hiring” & so much more!